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Looking for Toronto Argonauts apparel?

We've compiled a list of online stores where you can buy Toronto Argonauts apparel (and more!). Below is a rundown of online shops that sell Toronto Argos merchandise.

Real Sports Apparel

Now that MLSE own the team, Real Sports is the club-owned outlet for Argos apparel. This is likely your best bet for the widest selection of fan gear, from jerseys, special collections, jackets, hoodies, caps, toques and more.

Sport Chek

Sport Chek has likely the second best selection online for Toronto Argonauts apparel. Here you can find some apparel items that aren't available from Real Sports or other outlets. T-Shirts, hats and hoodies make up most of the selection, with a few jerseys as well. This store is definitely worth checking out.


IceJerseys has limited Argos merchandise. A fairly generic and very limited selection of hats, t-shirts and hoodies are available. You won't find anything overly unique here.

Canadian Tire

What? Yes, Canadian Tire - the everything store - has Toronto Argonauts merchandise. While you get the odd t-shirt and such, the main way this selection differs is that they have a decent amount of glassware, mugs - and things like signs and car flags. It's worth a look if you're looking for non-apparel items.


Walmart joins Canadian Tire in 'everything stores' that sell Toronto Argos gear. The selection isn't great, and it's fairly boring stuff, but if you just want the Argos logo on a shirt, hoodie or hat, the price might be right.


Up for something retro? Etsy is a good bet. Here you'll definitely find some unique merchandise and clothing.


eBay has a crazy amount of retro Argos merchandise. Old jerseys, mugs, bobbleheads, programs, cards, pennants, flags, banners, helmets, t-shirts, hats, bags, rings, coins, signed memorabilia and much (much) more.


We were hesitant to put Amazon on this list, as there appears to be counterfeit items on Amazon. But, after further investigation, there are - indeed - legitimate brands with legitimate Argos gear and memorabilia (along with what is likely counterfeit). You'll find caps, t-shirts, toques, flags, socks, gloves, scarves, replica grey cup rings (!), jerseys, books, autographed items, football cards - and more.

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